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In high school, I was a huge journalism nerd. As the editor of the school newspaper, I lived and breathed for a good story (which may have landed me in the principal’s off ice once or twice...) and could often be found working through lunch writing and designing, two things I have always had a love for. However, during my senior year, I set out to try a new method of storytelling that I had never tried before -- you guessed it, video! I created a documentary called “The Happiness Project” about all the different avenues by which high schoolers found joy in the world around them and f ilmed it completely on my iPhone. It was humble beginnings, but I fell in love with the process of storytelling through video. It quickly became my favorite way to tell stories. I love the way videos transport you into a certain moment in time as nothing else can, and I think that it is such a powerful tool for growing businesses, organizations, and events to create authentic and heartfelt communication with their market.

how it started

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My process is always personal and individualized, designed to draw out the heart of your story and present it in a way that is effective for reaching your audience. I value connecting with you and with the story being told before the camera even begins rolling. Let’s work to create something meaningful, together.