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On Storytelling...

I believe that there is some kind of magic in the moments where I

find myself sitting around a dinner table or around cups of coffee (or entire gallons of ice cream) exchanging stories with the people I love. I can distinctly remember the stories I've heard in life that made me cry with laughter, gasp in disbelief, or, my personal favorite, made me stop for a moment in time and shift my perspective to see life in a way I never had before. We all have stories like that--the kind you wish you could write down in permanent ink to read over and over again. I believe those stories are important and can compel us to act, or think, a little differently. Videos, photos, graphics, and even the thing we all both love and hate... social media, believe it or not, can be a little bit like that.  

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Let's be friends.


I live in the Atlanta area with my cute husband, Jesse, who's more of a numbers guy. We live in a tiny loft (that we love!) and we are big church people. You can likely find us trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or on our couch reading. I am a music junkie and I probably take too much pride in my Spotify playlists, especially because I'm probably just listening to Taylor Swift anyways. I love anything funky, vintage, or outside the box. If you know me  at all, you probably know my all-time favorite movie is Almost Famous and I'm convinced no movie will ever top it. 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Georgia College and State University, where I had a focus in digital media. Since then, I have interned for a marketing company that specializes in video production and web development and worked as freelancer offering video production and marketing services for anyone from brides to insurance agencies. 

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